Monday, October 27, 2008

Small bit of catch up...

Hi all! Sorry for the no-contact for 6 months! No, there were no restraining orders on the internet, just a crazy 4-hour-a-day commute and then a cross country move. So greetings from my temporary resting place of Massachusetts! Yay for being in New England in the fall! Yay for being closer to most of the family! Yay for gorgeous areas to run in!

Since my last post (bad blogger, bad blogger) I've finished a bunch of races. My brother and sister-in-law and I rocked the Oklahoma City Memorial Half marathon. A great run for a great cause. Fairly flat and lots of support on the race course. Plus, it was televised and we tivoed it and got to see ourselves on tv all sweaty and gross! Never mind that the female winner of the whole mary crossed the finish line about two minutes before I did. At least that's how I got on tv. LOL!

Then after that, I ran a 5k for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge. My tailbone was still sore, so no prs or anything, but it felt great to do it and I found a yarn shop to hit after the race. Not a wasted day, that's for sure!

A few weeks later I ran the Hospital Hill Half Marathon which is in Kansas City. I'm telling you, if you love hills, run this race. It was the most insane, hilly race I've seen, but the medal and the shirt were pretty cool and we got a pair of flip-flops for finishing. If it is possible that it was uphill both ways that's exactly what it was! Insane.

After that I trained for the Disneyland half marathon and ran that at the end of August. As a full mary finisher of the WDW marathon, I got a special "bi-coastal finisher medal" for finishing the DL half. That was a lot of fun because my brother and sister-in-law ran it too. It was her first half mary and she kicked butt!

No major races since that but my sister's P and M and myself ran a 5k with the Central Mass Runner's Club (that's not the name, but I just can't think of the right name right now...) It was a lot of fun because we are all running the marathon at DW in January and we all cheered each other on during this training race :)

I'm working up to the Goofy Challenge at Disney World in January. Insane, I know, but it will be fun. It's the half mary on Saturday and the whole mary on Sunday. Then, float around Typhoon Lagoon in a raft on Monday. Well, that's the plan anyway.

Okay, this was just a quick update, I'll post more soon since I'm no longer doing the commute. Keep running!