Thursday, October 25, 2007

Three ways I know I'm a runner...

Well, okay four. My bracelet from Runner's Lounge tells me so. Woohoo! I got it on Monday and so I'm a happy lady.

Okay, no. While I was running before the ball game last night I decided I was a runner because:

1) I can blow a pretty good snot rocket in a strong headwind and not get any backsplatter (oops, sorry P, I hope you weren't eating your lunch just then.) Seriously, that's a talent and there's no way I'm stopping and ruining a PR to turn around with my back to the wind.

2) Instead of thinking that the town should plant more trees to prevent that nasty Dust Bowl from happening again, I think they should plant more trees so that same nasty headwind would quit slowing me down.

3) I have a list of clothes that I shouldn't wear on days that I run because they make me feel slower when I get to running. I'm not talking running gear. I have this pair of baggy jeans and every time I wear them the day of a run my run stinks. When I wear tighter clothes before the run I feel like my runs are better. Weird.

Anyway, had a great run last night. And my Sox won. Life is good.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Redsox Dancefest

How'd it get to be Wednesday already?

Okay, so you may not know it, but I'm a huge Red Sox fan. They may not be the idiots of 2004, but how can you resist such happy guys? Haha! Seriously, I'm a Sox fan from birth, so you can't hold it against me.

I tried to get this post and the video in the same box, but for some reason when I went to add text it then made the video not appear. So, we'll see if later I have two videos and I'll try to fix it.

Okay, the video is sort of a ploy to make my whining seems less whiny. Work has been stressing me out a ton this past week and a half and I've been exhausted. My sister M and I were discussing it the other day. It's so frustrating that when you get stressed out there are things that everyone does to cope, for me it's running. However, when you get stressed out the most important things to maintain your sanity often get kicked to the wayside. Again, for me it's running.

So many last minute emergencies have popped up recently. Have I ever mentioned I'm a lawyer? I'm a solo attorney in a small town and I have a very specialized practice. However, my biggest frustration is that most people don't come to me until it's almost too late for me to help them. GAH!!! That's been happening just about everyday. Seriously. Why do you wait until 4:45pm on a Friday to come tell me someone is in jail and you need my help ASAP, when the dude has been in jail for 6 days. Why didn't you come to me 6 days ago?!?!

So, at this point I've had to keep my runs short and my blogposts practically non-existent. I've been maintaining but it's starting to stress me because I need to be increasing.

Okay, enough of all this. I'm still trying to bask in the glow of the excitement of Game One of the World Series at Fenway Park tonight. Go Sox!!!

I love these guys!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

5 dollars saved

It was raining the whole day yesterday and I almost broke down and went to the gym to use the treadmill. I had called and found out I could use the gym for $5.00 a day if I'm not a member. Happily when I left work the sky was clearing. I had checked the radar and found that there would be a bit of a break in the rain so I dashed home and got out there while I could. I was a bit pressed for time since I had a meeting to go to. I did my 5k circle (which I'm getting a little sick of, btw) and got back before the rain started again.

The run was great! It was about 60 degrees and perfect. It was a bit windy, but this is Kansas so I really need to expect the wind. (That makes me think of that line from Monty Python "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition." Okay, I'm a nerd.) I think that's a big factor of why I rarely use my ipod on my runs, there's so much wind in the ears (no, unfortunately not due to my speed) that it is kind of annoying to have both making so much rukus!

What was a pain though was that I've grown accustomed to running on the road for the asphalt, but yesterday there was so much water on the sides of the road I had to keep to the sidewalks. What a difference the concrete makes. Yuk!

On a whiny note, I've now read three BRFs who have their bracelets from Runners Lounge. I'm so sad since I don't have mine yet. Booo! I'm patient most of the time, but I'm excited to declare my runnerness in a cool blue rubber band. I know it's coming... I'll just have to stop waiting for it. It's like the watched pot that doesn't boil. *Sigh*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's raining so that means we should talk about shoes

I talk about shoes a lot here! But, when I went to look at some shoes at the store downtown they had these MBTs and they were, well, funky. They are about the ugliest shoes I've seen, but they are meant to simulate walking barefoot on "natural terrrain" similar to a tribe in Africa who have strong legs because of so much walking on "natural terrain" (I sound like the informational video here!) I think they are strange looking, but I can't stop thinking about them and I can't figure out why. I may try a pair on, but they run about $250.00 here at the local store, so they will have to get added to my dream list should I like them. Has anyone tried these? I don't think they are really for running, but for everyday wear or walking they seem interesting...

Anyway, it's raining today. And, as usual here in Kansas, it's not just rain but lots of lightening as well. So much for my run today. I don't have a gym membership since I prefer to do my training outside, but I may just break down and get one so I can go use the treadmill. I may just see if I can pay for a day because I think if I had a full fledged membership I'd go to they gym and use the treadmill more than I should. But I want to run, so it's probably worth it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Kick the Couch 5k

I ran the Kick the couch 5k yesterday and it was fun. Even though I didn't see the people I was running with, knowing there were people in over 6o countries running this weekend was pretty cool. 5k is the normal route I do around my house when I have my easy days, so it was like running on a normal day, but I decided to treat it like a race and try to do my best. So far the fastest I had run the route was 32:30 but I finished yesterday at 32:21! Woohoo!

Anyway, today I woke up with a cramp in my calf which freaked me out a bit. But after a walk it mellowed out. I've started to walk to work instead of drive. See, my work is only 1.4 miles from my house and I don't know why I usually drive. It's kind of like, until you decide to not be a bum any longer you'll keep on being a bum. I decided that walking to work is a good way to add some milage to the legs one way or another. Plus, it saves gas. Either way, I may as well be walking.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Toenails (no they're not black)

Has anyone else noticed that once you start running consistently your toenails grow like weeds? A side effect of running that I had not planned on. I mean really, I have to clip them like every five days whereas before it would be like every two weeks! Wierd.

Anyway, I was a pretty unhappy person last night when I got home from work for reasons that I won't go into. I am generally a pretty easygoing person and I rarely get mad (thank you Lord!) but last night I was so upset I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest! What do you do in a situation like that? You go for a run of course!

So I went out more to get stress gone than to put on miles. I did a short run but ended up doing it pretty quickly and felt like I wanted to keep going. But I had things that I had to deal with so I stopped. Oh man, the running helped so much! People ask why we run, and my answer for today is that it helps me feel less likely to explode.

On another note, when I checked out the Toronto Runner's blog yesterday he talked about the worldwide half marathon . It's scheduled for this weekend and it's basically a way to know that you are running a half with people from all over the world. As of yesterday there were over 1100 people registered. They also have a "kick the couch 5k" which I thought was pretty neat. I signed up to do that. It's free and you don't get a t-shirt, but I like the idea of a global race. Cool.

Oh, and can any of you blogspot people tell me how I can make the words the link? For example, how could I make it so that where it says "worldwide half marathon" would be the link to the site instead of putting the link in separately? I'm so not a technology person. I can do some things, but I haven't figured that out yet.

Update: Thanks Nancy and Marcy. Your advice on fixing the link worked. Thanks for helping me to be a bit more computer literate!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Still here...

I'm still here. I just haven't had a chance to write in a few days. The computer is in the office and I had the holiday off and now I'm trying to catch up!

After reading about my BRFs experience in Chicago it reminds me that this is not a small goal. I mean, you get used to people's reactions when you tell them you want to run a marathon, but I have got to where it's like, yep 26.2 miles. No biggie... Uh, well it's a biggie. I have to remember that its not just follow the plan and do all the required runs and you'll breeze through it no problem. Who would have thought it would be in the 90's in Chicago in October? What makes me think Florida in January will be better? We could be freezing or sweltering... How do you prepare for that? I just hope all of those who ran Chicago don't get discouraged. It's a big goal to run a marathon and you should still do it if it didn't happen this time.

I've been running, doing a lot of walking, and blading with my little buddy, though I think he's had enough. He prefers his scooter. So sad!

Really what interests me are shoes. I'm planning on Adidas or Asics for my next pair. Since I now know I'm a pronater I can look at the right shoes. Over the weekend my hubby and I were walking around the big downtown shopping area of our little town and we went in to a shoe store. They had a ton of asics and so I looked at a lot. When I told the guy I was training for a marathon he showed me a pair of these: Have any of you seen these things? I was feeling the different asics and a few other brands and I was like "oh, these would be heavy after 10 miles" and so the guy handed me these. They have thick metal springs in them and they weigh about a ton. The salesguy was telling me that a lot of races don't allow them and if you do wear them and you win you won't be allowed to be the "official" winner (he said that's true for Boston). I'm telling you these things were heavy! Even if they could make you faster I would not want to run around with ten pound weights on my feet!

I didn't get any shoes yet, but I will be getting some soon. If you see me trying to get spiras remind me not to.

Friday, October 5, 2007

99 days to Disney!

Wow! we're in to double digits! That makes me nervous! It seems like such a short time to get ready!

But on the other hand, there are quite a few BRF's getting ready to run Chicago this weekend. I just want to wish you all safe treading, great weather, and smiles on your picture at the finish line. You've all been working hard and I know you'll do great! I can't wait to read about how you all did on Monday!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Unhappy feet

If you recall at the beginning of my blog I was so in love with my sweet Puma sneaks, and I blogged about them at least 4 times I think. I got them at the really fun running store and felt like a kid again! Well, as I put them on yesterday getting ready for my run, I see they just look worn. I was pretty bummed. There's a place near the laces where it's starting to fray.

Now, I know pretty shoes won't stay pretty for long, but these really look like I've gone a lot further in them than I have. I think they aren't really as cushy as they were in the beginning - of course not - but it feels like they wore out faster than they should. I don't run every day, so they get time to sponge back up (great English, I know).

I guess I just expected them to be "better" than previous shoes that I hadn't made such a big deal about. I've put about 50ish miles on these bad boys and they look in worse shape than a pair of adidas that I've had for forever and had put way more miles on (prior to getting fitted properly).

I know I need to get a second pair. I'm waiting to have the money to spend on another pair, but I won't be buying the same ones. I've been told by quite a few people that their asics are pretty indestructable so I may look in to those. I do always love adidas though (the running store I went to for the last shoes didn't carry adidas). Bummer. I still want to be in love with my sneaks, but I'm not.

But, on to better things.

About two minutes after I got home from work yesterday there was banging on my door. You all know who it was by now. NK was ready and asked if I was ready to go roller blading now. I said, "I'm sorry, but I have to run today." His response: "Why do you have to run today, it's not Sunday!" Kids remember everything. I had told him I wouldn't blade on Sundays because that was my long run day. Then yesterday he said "remind me what a marathon is again." I said 26.2 miles and he yells out "are you crazy!" I don't mind responses like that from 7 year olds.

So, leaving my sad little buddy behind I went out for my run. I was scheduled to do speed work, but since I missed the long run last weekend I wanted to log some more miles. I've really not been sticking to the plan I have, but I have been getting all the elements in, just not neccesarily on the right days.

I did my three miles and was walking the cooldown back to my house. NK2 (NK's older brother) was walking down the street and was like "why are you so red?" Haha! Um, I just ran 3 miles. He was impressed! I guess that seems long to a 13 year old.

Anyway, it was a good run. Much better than the previous night. Today is hubby's day to drive the carpool so I get to walk home from work. That usually gets me wanting to do my sprints so it should be a good night.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Found my club in the last 2 miles

Hmm, so many things to write, but I don't want the blog to turn into a big whinefest (well, maybe a little whining). Yesterday I was psyched for my run but I had a ton of crap stressing me out and it turned out not at all how I expected.

First, I am not an animal lover. So, the other week we found a mouse in our house (yes, it recently got cold) and it made me mad. We put out glue traps the first time we saw him, decon the second time we saw him and I saw him again yesterday. I have decided that the reason women screech (well, some of us anyway) when we see a mouse is not out of fright, but out of anger that the dang things dare show their faces in our homes! I'm allergic to cats, which everyone says is the surfire way to get rid of mice. So, now I'm just ticked.

I got running and this guy on a bike practically ran over me. I got ticked at that too. See, I'm a jumpy person so all of a sudden this dude flies by and I jump half out of my skin and he just looks at me and laughs. A$$.

Also, since I saw the mouse (we call him Miguelito) at lunch I lost my appetite. I ate a power bar before the run because I was starving since I skipped lunch. I however did not drink enough water and so I got stomach cramps.

After about 2/3 of the planned 3 mile run I was p*ssed off and grumpy and crampy and I walked. If I had been on a dirt road I would have been kicking rocks and doing the "razafracking, dangblanging" talk under my breath. I was on the road and there were lots of people out so I tried to keep my cool even though I was not happy.

I ran the last bit and went to the house to get water. After that I felt good and said, why am I letting this get to me?! I still was all gussied up for the run, so I went out and ran again. The short route, but it felt good that I didn't let the bad start ruin the whole run. In total it was 4.5 miles and most of it was running (except for the .6 miles that I was steaming and mad).

Good thing I'm a person that gets over stuff quickly.

Oh yeah, please let me live with the delusion that it is the same mouse. I do know that when you see one there like 20 you don't see. I grew up in the country with mice all the time, and even a squirrel once I think. I prefer to pretend that it is the same Miguelito all the time.

Monday, October 1, 2007

My little buddy found.

I did a bunch of walking on Friday since it was hubby's turn to drive the carpool. When I got home I saw my neighbor's kid walking down the street and decided to put on my roller blades and remind him that we were supposed to have gone on Wednesday. When I reminded him he was like "oh, yeah! Let me go get my skates on." And we went roller blading and it was a blast!

On Saturday I was scheduled for an easy run so I got that done in the morning. Then in the early afternoon, here comes NK (neighbor's kid) walking up my front steps with his roller blades on. So we went roller blading again but then DH and I had to go run errands. As soon as we got back from errands he rolled on over again.

NK and I were talking and he asked if I roller bladed much and I said I don't because I usually don't have anyone to go with. His eyes got big and he said "it's a good thing you found me then. We can roller blade every day." I told him I probably wouldn't want to go in the rain or snow, but we could go most days.

Yesterday I was supposed to do a long run but I wasn't able to get it in. I had to do a favor for my mother-in-law and then there were the soccer finals (our team won - WOHOO!). By the time we got home it was practically dark and we weren't home for three minutes before NK came over with his roller blades on! He is so funny!

So, I may not have ran as much as I would have liked, but I did get lots and lots of cross training in and I have a new shadow, so I think it all worked out. I'll try to get in extra milage on my normal runs this week to make up for the missed long run.

Oh, and on Friday I spent way too much time playing on . I probably will do the same today. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. It's a fun place to find people and information and it will just get better and better as others start to use it. Thanks Tom and Amy for creating it for us! You guys rock!