Saturday, April 26, 2008


Just a quick one to go over the plan for the OKC half mary. As I mentioned in my last post I took a spill last week and my tailbone has been a bit sore since then. It's better and less sore every day, but still not 100%. It's so frustrating to get to half mary eve and know I'm not going to be able to go like I want to! GRRR!

However, my brother B was with me at Disney and found me all over the course throughout the nearly 7 hours I was running. He has started running (along with most of my family) and he is doing the OKC half tomorrow as well. We've decided we are going to stick together throughout and we are going to do a combo of walking and running.

The plan is to walk three minutes and run two minutes throughout the race. He has been working really hard to build up his endurance in order to be out there on the road for 13.1 (and eventually Goofy challenge) and he started from doing no physical activity whatsoever. He's started off slow and steady increasing each week and will have no problem walking the 13.1 miles. He has started mixing in some runs throughout his workouts and his longest run has been about a mile and a half straight. With the pattern we are trying, it will be more running than he's done all at once. It should be great!

We are aiming for three hours, but we have no idea what it will be like once we get started. The wind has been fierce the past few weeks and so that may have an effect.

You can go to and check us out. My bib number is H4951 and his is H1413.

My SIL H will be joining us tomorrow as well. She's doing the 5k walk, but they don't give a chip for the 5k. Boo!!! We had a really great time at the expo today. She and I got bondi-bands in matching colors. Her's has 5k on it and mine has 13.1. B got one too and it says ENDURANCE, but he didn't want the girly blue that we picked out. Still very cool.

Hopefully we'll do you all proud tomorrow!


Hayley Eaton said...

Yea for bondi bands!! We're gonna do great tomorrow. Time for the yummy dinner you just made! :)

Marcy said...

Oooo I love me some Bondi Bands LOL


Jamie said...

Nice work in completing under 3 hours!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Sounds like fun. Have a blast. How cool that the whole family is getting in on the action. You are inspiring them!!!!

Love the Bondis

bill carter said...

Best of luck to both of you guys. I am hoping for a nice tail wind, overcast skies, and about 55 degrees. I also hope that you both just enjoy yourselves.

christines iphone said...


im doing DisneyWorld as well, good luck on your training.