Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...

Okay, so it's not just Kansas that is windy. This weekend we (my brother B, my SIL H and I) will be running in Oklahoma City. B and I the half and H the 5k. But, the forecast said 15mph winds throughout the race! Can't I escape the blasted stuff!!! I need to move somewhere where there isn't this wind.

Anyway, not much to report. I took a little tumble in my house last Friday (don't unwind a phone cord while walking backwards just after DH vaccuumed and moved stuff around so that you trip over it while you are walking backwards and unwinding the phone cord) and I havn't run in a week. I fell pretty hard smack on me bum and my tailbone is sore. Well, not so much my tailbone as right where the tailbone hits the big ole bruise that I now have there. I've done a bit of walking trying to work through the owies, and today I thought I'd get to go for a run, but it didn't happen thanks to the rockin storms we get this time of year.

I know I'm not as prepared as I should be for OKC, but I'll take a sore bum for a week if it means that hubby did the vaccuuming. LOL! I'll let you know how it goes.


Hayley Eaton said...

Stinkin sore bums. But you and B are gonna rock the half! Can't wait to see you guys!!

valerie said...

Winds are good; they help keep the blackfly population away. That's my incentive now. We Mainers have to move fast enough to stay ahead of the blackflies. Blackflies arrive in 2 weeks- always by Mother's Day.
Andria, you be careful this weekend. Your Mom is going to worry about you.

Tracie said...

I know what you mean about the winds - here every time you change direction it's like the wind changes with you and of course it's ALWAYS in your face. I also am in complete agreement and understanding about the whole vacuuming thing!!! And tailbones just take FOREVER to heal - just take a couple of ibuprophen before your race and that will help everything a little. You've run a MARATHON - this is ONLY a half. You'll be awesome, there is not a doubt in my mind!! Can't wait to hear how you do. Good Luck!

Pokey said...


Cant wait to read all about it ;)

bill carter said...

Hi Andria

Sorry to hear about the tumble, but in regard to OKC you will be just fine. I think you've done some pretty solid training and now that you have done a full, what is a half??

Best of luck with everything.