Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kansas wind blows!

Last week's family run went better than the week before. We had a lot more people running with us. And, I was actually able to get the hubby up to run with me. We have been together for almost 8 years and I think I've only ever seen him run for the sake of running one time. He used to play soccer as a child until he broke his leg. He sometimes goes to see a local soccer team and he says he's "training" with them, but really he's talking and being an armchair coach. He's just not a runner.

This week, however, it was 60 degrees so he figured he'd go out with me and Gary and contribute some miles. Can I just say how much it drives me crazy that someone who has only run once in 8 years can go out and run like it's nothin'?!? Our first mile was faster than my normal pace by about a minute and he was doing it like he's been running for years. Gah! I know I can't compare myself but it ticked me off a bit. But on the other hand, I liked it because it made me pick up my pace and push myself more than normal.

What made it a semi-sweet victory though, was when we turned onto the last road before we got back to the house and he was like "okay, I need to stop, I'm tired" and I said "no way! We've been running into the wind and now that the wind will be pushing us, we ain't stopping." Then I kept running and he ran for a bit but stopped and walked the last part. It was a little victory because I felt like I could have gone on and on, but he was done. So I was a little less ticked because I could have beat him on the endurance factor if not necessarily the speed factor.

I did get a run in the day before as well, but the wind is driving me crazy this time of year. I just never stops and feels like you are running into a wall for the whole thing. I can see why early settlers to the plains would go crazy from the constant wind!

The commute continues, but the job is awesome! It's just the kind of thing I like to do. But, the sitting all day is making my legs mad at me. My IT bands after a few hours ache and are starting to talk to the rest of the body to start a rebellion. At least I work on the 14th floor and today I made the resolution to take the stairs in the morning when I get there and to get back up after lunch every day. It's strange that with all the running, 14 flights of stairs really was tough! But what a difference it made. My legs were a lot less mad at me.

Also it's *fancy-schmancy* place that I work so I have to wear fancy shoes. I don't know why I can drop $80-$100 bucks on a good pair of running shoes that I wear maybe 10-12 hours a week max, but I won't pay more than $30 for the pairs that I'll wear 40 hours. So, I'm resolved to get me a pair of fancy shoes that my feet and knees and legs will be happy with. If only my puma's were considered fancy wear!


SargeInNorman said...

I totally hear you on the wind. It is no different here in OK. Yay for finding some way to keep your legs from getting mad at you. I am excited for our OKC race in less than two weeks.

K80K said...

My brother is just like your hubby. Two days training on the treadmill and he can go to a 5K and finish in 24 minutes. I will train for weeks and have to really struggle to get my time under 32 minutes.

The winds have been worse than usual here in B-more. I think I am actually starting to get used to them. :/

Hayley Eaton said...

Yay for beating Chino on the endurance factor!! That must have felt totally great. He may be fast, but you're the one who can "go the distance" (field of dreams pun totally intended). :)

Looks like we'll be fancy shoe shopping as well when we go clothes shopping here pretty soon. I do need some dress shoes as well. See ya soon!!

Tracie said...

I want to know if you can glue some glitter or something to your pumas if that will make them "fancy" enough? Ha, ha, ha. Kat would love to help if you can.
The hubby can run because he played soccer as a child - have you watched soccer games? They have the same kind of running that basketball or field hockey or football or any of those sports have - SPRINTS...not ENDURANCE but sprints. You are a MARATHON runner, not a soccer player or a field hockey player (anymore). You are a MARATHON runner....a huge part of long distance runs is endurance. There is a point you reach in training where you could just go forever - it might not be at the speed of light but it's steady - even if it's slow and steady - remember the story of the rabbit and the hare??? Who won that? Not the sprinter!!! You are in a different category - I couldn't go out and run with you because I am a short distance runner and I go at my 3 miles for speed (even if it's a slow speed). Before knee surgery I was at about 26:30 for 3 miles. But if you think I could keep up a 9 minute pace for longer then 3 miles then you think wrong - I wouldn't be able to. We are in different categories - YOU - MARATHON runner. It's just different and you know I understand - I would've celebrated that small victory too.

I am happy you like your new job and climbing the stairs is great exercise - it works your heart. When it gets easy for you, do it skipping steps, doing every other step. That should definitely count as mileage because I don't climb 14 flights of stairs in a month!!

Way to stay motivated!!

Marcy said...

LMAO girl! I AM THE SAME WAY with the shoes. Running sneakers? I will pay whatever it takes to have them. Every other pair of shoes and I'm like "Where's the clearance rack in Target?" :P